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New York City's premier high-rise chimney experts

Specializing in complex fittings, we are a full-service venting firm that has installed hundreds of chimney liners across the NYC area – from 6- to 40-story buildings.

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About our company

Ariston Chimney is a full-service chimney & venting company serving the tristate area, with a focus on the NY metropolitan area. Management companies, building owners, and mechanical contractors turn to us for honest and reliable service for all their venting needs.

We’re proud of the fact that 98% of our clients come back to us for additional projects.

Our services


Stainless Steel, FuranFlex® and Polypropylene Chimney Liners

Extensions, Offsets, Breeching, and Draft Inducers

Fresh Air & Venting

Inspections & Troubleshooting

Our experienced technicians inspect the chimney condition and provide a written report with repair and replacement recommendations.

Scaffolding and Rope Access

Why management companies, owners, and contractors choose us


Chimney installations can be complex. Unforeseen challenges often arise — issues with neighboring buildings, areas that are hard to access, and more. Our team sees the job through — coming up with creative solutions and staying the course until you have an expertly-installed chimney that lasts for years to come.

Turnkey service

Quality chimneys involve far more than the technical installation. We handle the entire process: surveying the job site, sending detailed recommendations, completing all paperwork, filing with the DOB, providing draft calculations & engineer drawings, and sourcing the materials quickly (including custom parts).

Emergency response

Most chimney problems can't wait. Old rusty smokestacks are structurally unsafe, and corroded chimneys can leak carbon monoxide, creating dangerous and illegal situations. We're there to help, clearing emergency violations with the quickest turnaround possible. Our crews are available to respond immediately to crises. And to speed up the replacement process, we maintain a large inventory of common parts.


With over 20 years of niche chimney experience, our qualified technicians, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and designers can solve even the most complex installation or venting challenge. Our team includes AWS-certified welders, OSHA-certified technicians, and FuranFlex-, Themocrete-, and Smoketite-trained installers.

Did you know?

Corroded chimneys can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning

Chimneys built without proper liners will start corroding after a few years, which poses a serious danger to your residents: carbon monoxide can start leaking out. That’s why we exclusively use quality liners from industry-leading brands — installed only by certified technicians. This ensures maximum compliance and safety, with a chimney that stays intact for years to come.

Our work

Bronx, NY

We pulled a TR1 permit for the suspended scaffold installation. Our certified installers installed the smokestack which can now properly vent the updated heating equipment.

FuranFlex® – chimney liner
Bronx, NY

We maximized venting space by going with a FuranFlex® liner which molds to the exact size of the existing chimney.

Stainless Steel – chimney liner
New York, NY

The original chimney was deteriorated and not fit to contain the gas fumes passing through. We lined the chimney with a stainless steel liner that is tested, and now capable of venting properly.

We’re trusted by more than


leading mechanical contractors & management companies

"Their reliability is unmatched"

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