We proudly use FuranFlex® the most durable, corrosion-resistant, and longest lasting chimney liners on the market.




Dubbed a “revolution in the field of chimney lining, FuranFlex®  is an innovative material that is applied to the inside of a chimney flue and then hardened to form a durable, joint-free protective lining. FuranFlex®  composite liner has the hardness of steel, is resistant to corrosion, flames and heat, and is ideal for chimneys of any shape, dimension and length.

Benefits of FuranFlex®

  • No walls need to be demolished, allowing living spaces to remain clean during chimney lining installation.
  • It takes only a few hours to install, compared to installing typical liners that can take from two days-two weeks.
  • No joints required for chimneys up to 100m high and 120 cm in diameter.
  • It increases cost-efficiently of boiler operation due to its smooth inner surface and heat insulation.
  • It does not corrode! Guaranteed corrosion-free for up to 25 years!